Kitcheniana – The origin story

The lamps on this page are owned by my friend Naomi and her husband Chuck. Naomi was the one who came up with the idea that I should make lamps from kitchenware, and kept giving me pieces to adapt until I got hooked on it.

The original toaster

The original toaster

Naomi found the toaster at a garage sale, handed it to me, and the rest is history.

"Atomic" Espresso lamp

My friends had this fabulous but nonfunctioning espresso maker hanging around their kitchen. So they gave it to me to play with. You see the result.

La Coffee Cake

Another of Naomi’s old espresso makers, plus three aluminum molds I found in junk shops. This one was very fun to make.

The Ur blender

The Ur blender

Naomi and I found this blender at Urban Ore. I felt something was missing once I’d wired it…and then I remembered the Virgin Mary nightlight I’d been given (as a joke). Voila!

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