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Chrome is where the heart is

May 1, 2015

Let’s face it – humans are just big, fleshy magpies. We love shiny stuff: gold, diamonds, flashy cars, fancy watches, movie stars. The glossier and glitzier, the better.

Rosie in Couture - chrome coffeemaker lamp with stainless steel shade

Rosie in Couture – chrome coffeemaker lamp with stainless steel shade

So why should lamps be different? Why are so many lamps understated? Why are they so afraid (as a friend put it) to say, “Look at Me. I’m a Lamp!”

I’ve found the shiny ones tend to sell faster than the more modest ones. So I’m never worried when I find a chrome appliance that it’s going to be hanging around forever. Nope. They find a home soon.

This means, if you know someone who’s looking for a stellar statement for their bedroom, desk, or foyer – or if you are that someone – grab this gewgaw while you can. You may not get another chance (or not until the next gleaming darling comes my way).

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Toys in lampland

December 15, 2013

For a change of pace, I decided to try making something that doesn’t light up. So here we have a couple of gadgets that are just for fun.

This little guy tilts and spins (or at least his arms and shoulders do), and he doffs his hat – or you can, since it’s attached with a magnet.

And here’s another sort of thing entirely. Though related to Roberto around the middle (both make use of parts from the insides of blenders that I’ve made lamps of previously), she’s much more serene and stately. Mostly she’s content to just stand there, looking pretty, but she’ll hold your keys if you like.

Happy holidays!