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Downtime roundup

March 4, 2015

It’s been awhile since I’ve made anything new, and that’s starting to wear away at me. Thankfully, I’ve been acquiring many new things to play with, as well as a slew of parts, so I should start cranking away again soon.

Coming attractions:

Note that links are to similar examples, not the things themselves.

In addition to shopping, I recently did an interview with the Krrb blog. I now have pieces at two shops in Oakland: Lost & Found and SwapShop. And after six years on Etsy (already?!), I’ve sold well over 100 lamps, there and elsewhere.

Finally, I’m looking forward to having lamps again this year at the Albany Film Fest Gala, in its new location at Sam’s Log Cabin.

And now I’ll confess to a fib I committed above: I made a simple colander light for a customer just last weekend.


Black stars and falling leaves

May 7, 2014

I read somewhere recently that black light fixtures and shades were all the rage, and I’d had a couple of people ask me to make some aluminum shades black, so I thought I’d try building something along those lines from scratch.

Since I’d accumulated quite a few star colanders, this is what I came up with.

On the flipside, someone came into (the now-defunct) Rebooty awhile back with a bridge lamp she wanted me to do something with, on a limited budget. I had a shade I’d picked up from a garage sale that happened to fit, along with a lot of old sheet music left over from other projects, so I recovered it.

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I’m really happy with the way it came out – the depth and movement and warmth of it. I hope the customer likes it too…if I can ever get ahold of her. And if not, I have a very solid bridge lamp if anyone is interested.


In good company

November 8, 2013

Well, the show at Rebooty is up and glowing. It will be there for a several days, maybe longer. Be sure to stop in if you’re in the neighborhood. There’s a ton of upcycled fun inside!


It all depends

July 26, 2013

Summer is slow for my day job, so I have a lot of time on my hands. Lately, I’ve been using it to make hanging lamps. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

All of these lights, and many more, are available in my Etsy shop, where you can also find out the specifics.


Out and about

December 13, 2012

A few photos from the Art Museum of Los Gatos’ Holiday Marketplace. See more on the museum’s Facebook page.


Relative bounty

October 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I bought a tiny brass bottle at an estate sale. Two inches tall, heavy and stoppered, it looks like something a genie might live in – a really teeny genie, who can grant only very, very small wishes.

Like say you wish for a million dollars, a long and healthy life, and true love. But all the genie can give you is a quarter off the sidewalk, a good night’s sleep, a smile from a stranger.

But you’d rub the bottle anyway, right? These days, you’d take those slivers of luck and feel grateful.

Here are a few of my recent wishes. I hope you enjoy. (Click the images for more.)

Candlestick lamp made of dessert molds, old lamp parts, and a valve handle

Cozy Flan Tutu

Hanging light made from a colander, pizza pan, and ball chain


Table lamp made from an old coffee percolator and a colander

The Percolander


Upcycled hangups

May 19, 2010

Here’s a confession: I have trouble throwing certain things away. I’m particularly fond of containers – nice jars and bottles, clever boxes, painted tins. Supposedly there’s something Jungian about this. . . I don’t really want to know.

Nevertheless, it’s a relief to have found a use for some of my stash. These cute little pendants can light up the dark corners of a hoarder’s habitat – or soul – while leaving you feeling virtuous about consumption. (You can even use a CFL inside, if you feel so inclined.)

Amaretti Tin Light - two currently available

Amaretti Tin Light – two currently available

Ritz tin pendant - Sold

Skyflakes pendant - Sold

I can make these to order if you have tins you’d like repurposed. Contact me or visit my Etsy store for more information or to purchase.