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Tempus fidget

March 25, 2017

Time flies, whatever you’re doing, or not doing.

I haven’t posted in months, but I have been making – or I was for awhile, before I got busy with other stuff. And I’m still at an impasse about how worthwhile it is to keep doing the same thing. I might need a new playground. Or maybe just a time-out. Or perhaps I’m waiting for a sign.


Regardless, I thought I’d at post some photos of my last few projects, for anyone as in need of distraction as I am.

Take one stand mixer, gut and clean it. Reassemble with a three-way touch switch and a cocktail shaker shade. Doubles as a charging station!

What You Will stand mixer desk lamp

Marry two colanders, a thermos, a percolator bubbler, other bits and bobs: Presto shadow! tabletop colander shadow lantern

Make a metal flower from gooseneck lamp parts and a salad mold. Use it to interrogate the cat.

Grandiflora Sasquatch gooseneck desk lamp

Details at


Deja vu(ish)

July 12, 2015

So far, it’s been a summer of repeats, more or less. I built a new shop for the launch of Upcycle Post’s Marketplace, and I made a new heater light that marries the styles of two previous ones: the compact shape of one with the color changing properties of the other.

And then…well, I guess I got bored. Because one day when I was supposed to be doing something else, I wandered into my workshop and started stacking. I had a couple of small aluminium coffeepots, both of them incomplete, and though they didn’t match in any way other than size and material, I put the smaller atop the larger, and then just kept going, without resorting to anything you might call logic.

After a few discards and addenda, I found something that seemed to work. So I assembled it, then took it apart a couple of times for tweaks, added some finishing touches, and (drumroll, please) attained this:

The Towering Cafferno

The Towering Cafferno

Yeah, I know. It makes no sense. And yet it kind of does, if you don’t think too hard about it.

Details on both these lamps can be found in my Etsy shop or on Upcycle Post, if you’d like to check out the new venue.


In good company

November 8, 2013

Well, the show at Rebooty is up and glowing. It will be there for a several days, maybe longer. Be sure to stop in if you’re in the neighborhood. There’s a ton of upcycled fun inside!


It’s raining tins

December 5, 2012

Recently, I was asked to participate in a holiday fund-raiser at the Los Gatos Art Museum (opening today!), and they asked specifically for more hanging lights. So I dug into the cache of tins I’ve collected over the last year and made these:

Then, I just kept going, and made some table lamps:

The latter are available in my Etsy shop, and there will be more to come. Stay tuned.

(Many thanks to my family members who contributed to this effort! You know who you are.)


Cousins, twice removed

May 29, 2012

Sometimes the same idea, with small variations, can give pretty different results. Think of steaming cafe au lait and sweet, black iced coffee. That’s these two lamps.

Percolander 2: Jules Verne

Frosty the Madman

Made of colanders and coffee pots of different vintages, plus lids, a dessert mold, part of a cocktail shaker, a valve handle, and lamp parts old and new, one looks like an unlikely spacecraft – part rocket, part balloon; the other, something from a Rock Hudson-Doris Day movie. Not much alike, but definitely fished from the same gene pool.

For details or to buy, visit my Etsy shop. To see more photos, go to Coffee & tea pots.


Relative bounty

October 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I bought a tiny brass bottle at an estate sale. Two inches tall, heavy and stoppered, it looks like something a genie might live in – a really teeny genie, who can grant only very, very small wishes.

Like say you wish for a million dollars, a long and healthy life, and true love. But all the genie can give you is a quarter off the sidewalk, a good night’s sleep, a smile from a stranger.

But you’d rub the bottle anyway, right? These days, you’d take those slivers of luck and feel grateful.

Here are a few of my recent wishes. I hope you enjoy. (Click the images for more.)

Candlestick lamp made of dessert molds, old lamp parts, and a valve handle

Cozy Flan Tutu

Hanging light made from a colander, pizza pan, and ball chain


Table lamp made from an old coffee percolator and a colander

The Percolander


Courting serendipity

July 25, 2011

Getting the upcycling thing right means collecting a lot of junk. But not just any junk. It has to be junk that murmurs in the precise seductive tone that gets my heart rate up a bit. And, of course, sometimes I’m fooled into picking up stuff that I’ll never use.

Just as often though, I find some weird thing that sits around for months or even years, until one day I find its perfect mate. This lamp is a perfect example.

Espresso pot lamp

Funny Face espresso lamp

I found the shade (or most of it) at Urban Ore over a year ago. I didn’t (and don’t) even know what it is, but it spoke to me, so I brought it home. Then recently I saw the espresso pot on eBay. I’d been wanting to make another lamp similar to this one, so I bought it.

When it arrived, I took it to my workshop/stash and started pulling things out to see if I had anything that would work with it. And within moments, I heard the other sound I listen for: the Click.

The Click is the sound you hear when you find that elusive puzzle piece. That one bit of blue sky in the picture you’ve been hunting for – for what seems like days. It’s the sound of getting it right.

Espreso lamp detail