Copper botanicals

More sculpture that incorporates light than lamps in the functional sense, these pieces got started several years ago when I found some very nice fine-mesh copper screen at Alco, a local metal recycler.

The flexibility of that screen, and of copper tubing and thin sheet metal, makes it easy to bend and fold the material to create organic forms.

Though these look delicate, they are surprisingly resilient.

Cobra callas

Every winter, huge clumps of calla lilies come up in the shady parts of my yard. In early spring the stems bend toward the light and the flowers unfurl in creamy folds.

I wanted to capture those sensuous qualities in these accent lamps.

Calla Lily Bouquet

As You Like It Copper Calla Lily Bouquet

For more about the history of this lamp, read this post.

Small Calla-Cobra

detail of shade

Fronds & flames

Made from a flex coupling and toilet ball, old lamp parts, and wirecloth, this lamp reminds me of a cartoon desert island.


Contact me or visit my Etsy store to learn more about this lamp or to buy.

The wall-hung light shown below has wings that open outward to reveal a vintage-style flame bulb with a visible (but nonpainful) filament.

Copper Flame Sconce

Closed, it casts up- and downlight plus a dramatic shadow.

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