Shaken and stirred

September 30, 2015

Not long ago, as the mad Dr. Evo was shaking up Friday night martinis for himself, his lab assistant, Marta, and Neek, his factotum, an idea hit him. Later that night, fueled by the doctor’s imagination – and gin – the three set to work. The sounds of tortured metal resonated through Kastel Evo and out across the countryside, where peasants burrowed deeper in their beds, muttering, “What’s that nutjob up to now?”

By morning, the task was complete: Inspiro was born.



Soon, however, the creature escaped, and is now roaming the Internet in search of shelter. All it asks for is a bit of tabletop to call its own. In return it will haunt your dreams – or just light up a room, if that’s more your speed. Respond here to adopt.

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