Repeat, rinse, spit

June 3, 2015

I had a couple of recurring experiences this week: one bad, one good.

The bad one involved this light that I’d finally found a home for, to my delight, only to find it had met the same fate as another package I mailed a couple of years ago. I’m guessing that, due to the way the objects I work with can look on an x-ray, it was opened at a postal sorting station, dropped (catastrophically), then repackaged and sent on its merry way.

In any case, this is what arrived, and what it looked like before it left.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The buyer was understandably not happy. Nor was I.

The other story is more run of this mill. A year ago I “made” (decoupaged) a shade for a customer, and I liked the way it came out so well I decided to try it again. The fun thing about making these shades is that I never know what I’m going to get until it’s done. The darker parts of the pattern are made up of overlapping shapes, but you can’t really see them until there’s a light inside.

Then I had to construct a lamp to go with it. I’d bought a fireplace tool set (minus most of the tools) awhile back, so I repurposed the holder bracket into a base, and added other pieces to make a form to suit the shade.

Cock your head and squint, and you just might be able to see the tree. Details, etc., in my Etsy shop.

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