Repeat after me

April 14, 2015

In college, I studied textile design. I wasn’t very good at it. As taught, it was all about making a repeating pattern that added up to something greater. Something fluid. Something with life to it. But I just didn’t see that way.

The problem was, maybe, the two dimensionality – flat just doesn’t speak to me. I never really tried to figure it out; I just stopped messing with fiber after I graduated.

Lately, though, I’ve come back to pattern, in a very small way: picking up a motif from some object and replicating it on a shade I’m decorating to match.

The one I tried a couple months of ago came out pretty nice, so I decided to try again with a tall brass candlestick I found in a thrift store. I had a ready-made shade the right size and shape, but it was too white. So I dyed it with some tea I decided I’d never drink. Then I added a decoupage border that mimics one of the shapes stamped into the candlestick.

When the lamp is off, the shade looks something like a damp plaster wall with a frieze (but it smells much better). With a light inside, the texture evens out and the shade glows a soft golden color. Altogether, it sums to something more than its parts. Something so warm and welcoming that I wish I had a place for it. But I don’t, so it’s for sale in my Etsy shop.

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