February 17, 2015


This project was a collaboration. My friend Ami was wanting a cool lamp for her living room, and she had this nice old dress form. So I idly said why not use that?

She thought no at first but then a day or so later changed her mind. But where I’d thought floor lamp, Ami wanted a table lamp, and wanted to use a wide straw hat she had as a shade.

The hat was challenging, since it was so shallow. But structurally the dummy turned out to be pretty easy to work with. Off its stand it sat quite stably, it already had a center pole for attaching a socket (though it was an odd size), and the outer pieces could be moved for access, since the form was adjustable.

Ami came over, and we went through my parts trove. For awhile, nothing seemed to work. Then I remembered an old double socket bracket I had, and when we started playing with it, it worked best to fit it inside the neck.

That solved one problem, but how to support the hat/shade remained a puzzle. Ami left the dummy with me so I could ponder it. And a few days later I found this nice, soft coil of copper wire I had hanging around, which needed only a little adjustment to fit the neck.

A little paint on some sockets, a quick wiring job, a couple of fancy lightbulbs, and she was finished. Ami seems very pleased with her new lamp, and it’s fun to see something I’ve worked on somewhere besides my own house.

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