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January 22, 2015

Lulu & Tutu

Lulu & Tutu

I had originally set aside a couple of the parts in this lamp for other projects – ones that haven’t gelled yet. But a few days ago, when I was noodling in my workshop, trying this and that, those two parts got close enough together to trigger a magnetic pull. Not literally, since neither is ferrous. Rather, they just clicked as if made for each other.

So at that point I had the hose-nozzle column sitting atop the candlestick pedestal. Seconds later, a third part (where the socket hides) had joined them. Click. And it took only another minute of searching my hoard to find the exactly right mold for the shade. Click.

The finial was trickier. I went through my stash of actual finials, then bubblers and valve handles, and nothing worked. So I moved on to the box of saucepan knobs, and the perfect one, nestled toward the bottom, was immediately obvious. Click.

The key to all of this is compatible finishes, the repetition of shapes, and of course proportion. You can’t fake that, or force it (or, well, not much).

It’s a very sweet thing when something comes together like this, almost effortlessly. It feels like a piece of luck you’ve earned. And what’s better than that.

For details, see the listing in my Etsy shop.

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