July 23, 2014

Back when I was a reluctant poet (long story), my teacher sometimes used to say about a piece of writing, “It makes its own logic.”*

That’s when you knew you’d gotten it right.

Now that I’ve more or less abandoned words in favor of metal and electricity, that phrase sometimes comes back to me, when I’ve made something particularly squirrely by conventional lamp standards.

Case in point:

Elephants in the Garden: Mother & Child

Elephants in the Garden:** Mother & Child

These lamps are entirely materials driven: The oil cans that are the main components simply spoke to me, the way that a poem would start from a first line I heard in my head. And from there, other objects were pulled into their gravitational field until, with some tinkering, a whole was formed.

Available separately or together in my Etsy shop, where you can see more photos and details.

Thanks (and apologies) to *Richard Speakes and **James Thurber.

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