Irritation is the mother of invention

July 14, 2014

Warning: This post involves no lamps.

My house is off the street; you have to walk back aways to see it. And every so often, some excessively lazy deliveryperson can’t be bothered and assumes the address doesn’t exist. 

This annoys me.

The situation isn’t helped by the teeny weeny house numbers my landlord put on the front – and even less so by how they’ve faded to gray on gray since he put them there (plus, the cherry tree has grown). So the last time a shipment was tagged undeliverable, I started to hanker after new numbers.

Of course, the nice big architectural ones I like are more than I want to spend on a house I don’t own. So I decided to make some by recycling the used copper flex couplings a friend scavenged for me a few years back.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crude, but effective?

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