Pair-shaped, part III

February 4, 2014

jstandcropWhat do you do when you find a couple old jack stands at a salvage place? If you’re me, you decide to make lamps out of them – and then start hunting for hubcaps.



Why hubcaps? For shades, of course. But they have to be just the right ones. It’s surprisingly difficult.

And it turns out that, when you find them, they look like they’ve been coated with marinara sauce and allowed to cure for, say, a century or so. Yuck.

But there’s some satisfaction to be had from playing with paint remover – and spray paint. The jack stands weren’t quite as crusty as the hubcaps, but I decided to repaint them as well, in two different blacks: one flat, one glossier and slightly textured.

Figuring out how to suspend the hubcap shades was also a bit of a challenge. It took some trial and error – as did compensating for the slight off-kilterness of the stands. Overall though, now that they’re done, I’m pretty happy with the result.

War of the Worlds jack stand and hubcap table lamps

War of the Worlds jack stand and hubcap table lamps

All they need is a Tom Cruise bobblehead fleeing in terror. Keep an eye out for me?

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