Outside the box

January 5, 2014

Time was, every kitchen had a breadbox. They persisted even after bread came sliced and packaged in plastic. But then…poof!…they were gone.

Perhaps it was just that kitchens got smaller for awhile there, or that counter space was needed for microwaves and Cuisinarts, Foreman grills and panini presses. By the time carbs became déclassé, the breadbox was for practical purposes extinct. But you can still find them around.

I stumbled on an elegant, Airstream-like aluminum model at Thrift Town a few years back, and, well, the usual story: It’s been collecting dust in my basement while I figured out how to illuminate it.

I realized early on that it would need to have many holes drilled in it, and that alone was enough to deter me for quite awhile. And then there was the question of the word BREAD embossed in the front. Could I just ignore the gauntlet it threw at me?

Eventually, one online search turned up a suitable quote (from playwright Jean Anouilh), while another gave me a dotted font to help with sizing the lettering and spacing the holes. I found a suitable LED kit on Amazon. But still it took another couple of months before I could face the challenge.

At last though, needing some distraction from the holidays and accompanying irritations (head cold, stolen car), I dug in and drilled, and after a few days, accomplished this.

And here it is in action.

For dimensions etc., visit my Etsy shop.

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