Stand by me

September 3, 2013

MedOffI kind of knew when I originally made Tiger, Tiger that it needed something more – a bracket so it could hang from the wall, or a stand to dangle from. Eventually, after Schrödinger’s Parakeet sold, I decided that a floor lamp was the way to go. But it was a struggle to get there.

Some projects just fight you. Each step forward seems to generate another step. One thing doesn’t work, and the solution makes something else look wrong, and when you replace that you have to replace something else, and …

And then you start to doubt yourself, overthink, obsess. Inanimate objects begin to sense your vulnerability and become balky: paint nozzles clog, parts get stuck together, patinas assume weird, unnatural colors. You go around for days feeling itchy and frustrated. The trips to the hardware store pile up. It seems endless.

Eventually, though, one thing comes right, and then the other pieces start to fall into place. You relax a bit, realize you can swap nozzles between spray cans, accept that not everything needs to match. You start to see the ornery, individual parts as completing a whole. You are – almost – there.

This one is going straight to Rebooty, but you can contact me to find out more about it.

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