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August 10, 2013

When I moved into the small house I live in, 19 years ago, I just thought it was a nearly perfect place for me: enough space to live and work, some garden, a small deck, a huge live oak and creek in back. I didn’t know then that it was upcycled.

In the 1950s, World War II barracks from the Oakland Army base were sold off as salvage. The then-owner of the property bought some of these materials and used them to construct a cottage behind a couple of other structures on the same deep lot. This means lots of windows, along with less salubrious features like slightly sloping floors, doors that either fall open or won’t latch, and plentiful winter drafts.

Still, I love the idea of building from repurposed and salvaged materials, and homes made this way are often astonishingly beautiful, like this one (reblogged from Colossal):

My house is only a frumpy cousin to a work of art like this, but it makes me happy to have that connection, nonetheless. And, in my way, to also be building little homes for light out of scrap and ingenuity.

Oh, and here’s a new lamp, which is currently for sale at Rebooty. Contact me if you’re interested in more information. It’s a country cousin to my coffee pot series.

The Elephant in the Garden

The Elephant in the Garden

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