Cousins, twice removed

May 29, 2012

Sometimes the same idea, with small variations, can give pretty different results. Think of steaming cafe au lait and sweet, black iced coffee. That’s these two lamps.

Percolander 2: Jules Verne

Frosty the Madman

Made of colanders and coffee pots of different vintages, plus lids, a dessert mold, part of a cocktail shaker, a valve handle, and lamp parts old and new, one looks like an unlikely spacecraft – part rocket, part balloon; the other, something from a Rock Hudson-Doris Day movie. Not much alike, but definitely fished from the same gene pool.

For details or to buy, visit my Etsy shop. To see more photos, go to Coffee & tea pots.


  1. these are very cool!


  2. After seeing this i’m looking at my coffee pot funny every morning. One of these days i’ll turn one in a lamp like you did.

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