Take two

March 8, 2012

Several years ago, for an open studio, I made these two lamps from some lovely bronze gears I found at Alco and a couple of faucet pop-ups from Urban Ore. I also took on making shades from scratch, which was not a fun experience. Here’s what they looked like then:

Take One

After the show, I stored the lamps in one box and the shades in another in my bedroom closet. Time passed.

Then one day I noticed the box with the shades was open at the top. Ooops! My aptly named cat, Pandora, had snuck into the closet, gotten into the box, and made a little nest of the shades.

I tore everything apart and chalked it up to experience. More time passed.

Finally, I decided the parts were just too good to leave in storage. I found some ready-made shades I could work with, and after completing the Tiger, Tiger birdcage, opted to recover them in sheet music. But the same stripy motif wasn’t gelling for me. Then one morning in the half-light between dreams and waking, I got the image of circles. And there it was:

Danse Mecanique table lamps

For more photos, see this page, or visit my Etsy shop for dimensions, pricing, and other details. You can also contact me.


  1. You convinced me to give up on shades! This is what I’ve come up with that more matches my lamps: http://destructivetesting.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/making-it-industrial-desk-lamp-mike-smith/

    • Very smart. I’m just a glutton for punishment.

      • And, I remember something about how difficult it is to ship them safely, and it just not being worth the hassle.


      • Yeah. Especially if you want to put a cat in the same box.

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