Of lemons and leftovers

August 16, 2011

If you knew me, you’d know that platitudes like “It’s for the best” or “Everything will be all right” make me apoplectic. If I had a motto it would be “Every silver lining has its cloud.” But every so often I’m wrong – at least in the long run.

A few months ago, I loaned out this piece for an event.

original triple calla bouquet

Menage a Trois Cobra Calla

When I got it back, it had been repacked in the wrong, too-small box – and forced to fit. Beside myself, I put it away and tried not to think about it. Time passed.

Then the other day I got it out again and started messing around, figuring I didn’t have much to lose. It didn’t go well at first. I was contemplating stripping it down to its components and giving up, when I remembered the copper leaves I had left over from another project. They were the key.

Triple Calla Lily Bouquet

As You Like It Calla Lily Bouquet

I think I might like this now better than the original version, and I’m really hoping someone will give it a good home. (October 21 update: Someone has!)

Detail of flower and leaf

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