Courting serendipity

July 25, 2011

Getting the upcycling thing right means collecting a lot of junk. But not just any junk. It has to be junk that murmurs in the precise seductive tone that gets my heart rate up a bit. And, of course, sometimes I’m fooled into picking up stuff that I’ll never use.

Just as often though, I find some weird thing that sits around for months or even years, until one day I find its perfect mate. This lamp is a perfect example.

Espresso pot lamp

Funny Face espresso lamp

I found the shade (or most of it) at Urban Ore over a year ago. I didn’t (and don’t) even know what it is, but it spoke to me, so I brought it home. Then recently I saw the espresso pot on eBay. I’d been wanting to make another lamp similar to this one, so I bought it.

When it arrived, I took it to my workshop/stash and started pulling things out to see if I had anything that would work with it. And within moments, I heard the other sound I listen for: the Click.

The Click is the sound you hear when you find that elusive puzzle piece. That one bit of blue sky in the picture you’ve been hunting for – for what seems like days. It’s the sound of getting it right.

Espreso lamp detail


  1. Perfect! So Greta Garbo — big hat, left arm akimbo, gesture with the right. Wonderful !!

  2. Love the espresso lamp!

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