Sometimes a great notion

June 23, 2011

Mad Hatter original sketch
It’s hard to believe that up until two years ago, I had never seen a single-serving dessert mold. Then suddenly, they were turning up everywhere I went. Certainly a sign. An image started to form in my mind…

…and I began collecting the parts to make it real. It took over a year, but finally I had them all.

The bits and pieces, unassembled

Then I “just” had to assemble them…

Partial assembly
Partial assembly

Much fiddling and a few frustrations later, I finally got it all together. A mad project, which I call…

Mad Hatter's Chandelier

The Mad Hatter's Chandelier

Chandelier full length
Close up
With the lights off

This lamp sold online in October 2012.


  1. Love it! Including the name!

  2. Hey, This is great! I definitely want to check this out some more.


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