Meet the Sputnik Sisters

November 27, 2010

Twinkle, twinkle, little light
floating up above at night
How I wonder what you are:
spaceship, lantern, disco ball?

Sputnik I

While I was
searching for the
just-right piece for
The Mothership, I
became fascinated
with vintage
colanders and
the different
shadow patterns
cast by a light bulb.

When I started
Sputnik I, I was still
thinking of UFOs.
(I like the way it
looks like it’s
coming in for
a landing.) But by
the time I got to the
second sister,
something else had
taken over…

Sputnik II

I guess you can only
ride a metaphor so
far, then you have
to get off and walk.

Please contact me or visit my Etsy store to learn more about these lamps.

Sputnik III

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